Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Department has been established with a vision of providing quality engineers to fulfil the need of industries in forth coming days. It is well equipped with qualified and dynamic faculties. The department has developed state of art laboratories for Fluid Flow Operation, Chemical Process Industries, Instrumentation & Process Control, Mechanical Operations, Heat Transfer Operations, Mass Transfer Operations, Chemical Reaction Engineering, New Separation Techniques, Bio-Chemical Engineering, Process Simulation & Computer Aided Process Design and Petroleum Refining & Petrochemical Technologies. Department is working with mission of imparting not only sound technical knowledge but also skills in problem solving and team working.

Chemical Engineering Department has been recognized as Schedule-I Environmental Auditor by Gujarat Pollution Control Board and carried out Environmental Audit Work of 45 various chemical industries


Chemical Engineering department has signed MOU with M/s Indigenious Solution Pvt Ltd. Mumbai For CHEM CAD Suite simulation software courses


To establish a holistic teaching-learning ecosystem with a vision to develop technically sound, efficient, effective, ethical and socially responsible dynamic engineers with built in leadership abilities for the nation.


  1. To ensure effective and efficient teaching methods for sound fundamentals.
  2. To impart technical skill through effective practical work and Vocational Training.
  3. To use modern instruments and soft wares for better correlation of theory with practices.
  4. To develop creative, dynamic technocrats and leaders by providing exposure to industries, expert speeches and technical activities.

Programme Educational Objectives

  1. To develop innovative skills and abilities among students to design application base projects as per global needs, employer’s needs and the need of society.
  2. To develop work culture based on foundation of ethics, team work and communication skills in students to enable them to become future leaders/entrepreneurs in multidisciplinary environments.
  3. Attain excellence in students through education of principles and practices of chemical engineering to pursue for academics or fundamental research.

Programme Specific Outcomes

  1. Student should Acquire high end industry oriented professional, technical and ethical skills in the field of Chemical Engineering.
  2. Students Should able to apply principles of chemical engineering in manufacturing and process industries where unit operations and unit processes are practiced.
  3. Students should acquire necessary knowledge, skills and competence of modern tools, techniques and resources, used in chemical engineering, to identify, analyze & conclude problems associated with process/design by considering economic, health and safety aspects of work place as well as of society.

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