1. Mr. Smakit Shah, Ms. Ritvaben Vaghasiya, Ms. Kesha Shah, Ms. Niva Naik, Ms. Foramben Shukla and Ms. Shreya Lad has been awarded with Dewang Mehta IT Awards 2019 for Class Toppers by GTU on 10th Aug’19.
  2. LAD SHREYA SURESHBHAI has secured 6th rank in Computer science and Engineering Branch in GTU in Winter 2019 (3rd Sem) Examination.
  3. LAD SHREYA SURESHBHAI has secured 5th rank in Computer science and Engineering Branch in GTU in Summer 2019(2nd sem) Examination.
  4. LAD SHREYA SURESHBHAI has secured 9th rank in Computer science and Engineering Branch in GTU in Winter 2018 (1st sem) Examination.
  5. Mr. Kuldip Patel as a Student Lead of Institute among 192 Leads representing 185 colleges, spread across 90+ cities and 21 states in India was invited for the “2nd Global Summit of Developer Student Club (DSC)” which was organized by GOOGLE at Goa in Aug’19.
  6. Mr. Dhaval Acharya & Mr. Karan Dhanwani has secured 1st Rank in Poster presentation on “Water Harvesting and Conversation” among 35 teams under ‘Unnat Bharat Abhiyan- A Flagship program of MHRD’, Govt. of  India held on 31st July 2019 at RNGPIT, Bardoli. 
  7. Mr. Abhishek Pethani, Mr. Deep Patel, Mr. Mahendrakumar Sharma, Mr. Jaykumar Patel, Mr. Raj Kharvar & Mr. Tapan Panchal has participated in Online “Ingenous Hunt-2019(South Gujarat Inter Zone Talent Hunt)” and has secured 4th Rank on 20th March 2019 and were felicitated by Certificates & prizes on  31st March 2019 at SCET, Surat. 
  8. Mr. Aadil Shaikh, Mr. Saurabh Jah & Mr. Mahendrakumar Sharma project “Helpi-Reception Chatbot” has been selected for the SSIP grant in association with GTU  on 8th March 2019 held at GDEC, Navsari.
  9. 15 Students of Final/Pre-Final Year has completed training of 80 hours under Red Hat Academy for the course called RHCSA – Redhat Certified System Administrator under guidance of industry experts in association with Prakshal IT Academy, Ahmedabad  during 23rd May to 30th May 2019 held at RNGPIT, Bardoli.
  10. Mr. Hemraj Desai, Mr. Desai Purvaj,Mr. AbhishekLad, Mr. Jenish Shah, Mr. Kanhiya Hurkat, Mr. Darshankumar Mistry, Mr. Bhavesh Mistry, Mr. Shivang Panchal, Miss. Himani Patel, Miss. Nishtha Mehta,Miss. Urja Desai,  Mr. Arjav Desai & Mr. Bhavya Desai were awarded with Best Paper Award in International Multi-Disciplinary Conference on “Industry 4.0” on 8th -9th March 2019  held at RNGPIT, Bardoli.
  11. Mr. Pravinath Goswami has secured 1st Rank in event Web-Tricks held at TEKXIANZE-2019 National Level Tech-Fest held at S. S. Agrawal Institute of Engg. & Tech., Navsari.
  12. Mr. Meet Patel,Mr. Kuldip Patel & Mr. Dhiren Jummani has Developed a portal GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL SYSTEM” for RNGPIT & NGPP College, Bardoli on 3rd March 2019.
  13. Miss. Urja Desai has been awarded “Well Formed Person for International Folklore Performance” held on 18th Jan-2019 at Sisaket Province Thailand in 14th Thailand  International Folklore Festival.
  14. Mr. Meet Patel, Mr. Kuldip Patel & Mr. Dhiren Jummani has developed a portal “NRI Cell” for SGCCI, Surat on 2nd Jan 2019.
  15. Ms. Niva Samirbhai Naik  has been selected as Winner in Fourth year of Bharatanatyam at state level.
  16. Mr. Nirmal Chhodvadiya has been selected as Winner of Scholarship worth of Rs 7085 for International Certification on Amazon Web Services Certified Cloud Practitioner (AWS).
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