Chilling Plant

Chilling plant laboratory deals with fundamentals of thermodynamics related to cooling applications with in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge starting from various basic refrigeration cycles and their performance, working components, different types of refrigerants and cut section for insight construction details of important components.

List of Instruments
• Vapour Absorption Refrigeration (VAR) test rig
• Vapour Compression Refrigeration (VCR) test rig
• Air conditioning system test rig
• Ice Plant test rig
• Refrigerant charging kit
• Cut section of different component of Chilling plant
o Compressor
o Expansion devices
o Plate type Heat Exchanger
• Chiller Unit

List of Practical
•Study and performance analysis of Vapour Absorption Refrigeration (VAR) system
•Study and performance analysis of Vapour Compression Refrigeration (VCR) system
•Study of different types of compressor used refrigeration unit
•Study and performance of Leak Detection, Evaluation and Charging of Refrigerants
•Study and performance analysis of Air Conditioning system.
•Study and performance analysis of Ice Plant.
•Study and performance analysis of Chiller Plant.
•Study of piping system used in refrigeration system.

Lab Incharge
Prof. J. B Chaudhari, Asst Prof., Mechanical Engineering Department.

Prof. V. P. Bhagatwala, Asst Prof., Mechanical Engineering Departmet.

Prof. K. K. Araniya, Asst Prof., Mechanical Engineering Departmet.

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