Health and Safety

Definition of safety

Safety is primarily a management activity which is concerned with reducing, controlling and eliminating hazards from the industries or industrial units.

Importance of Iindustrial safety

 The danger of life of human being is increasing with advancement of scientific development in different fields. The importance of industrial safety was realized because every millions of industrial accidents occur which result in either death or in temporary disablement or permanent disablement of employees and involve large amount of losses resulting from danger to property, wasted man hours and wasted hours.


To be aware of the responsibility of engineers  intended to safety and safety products by demonstration of a range of safety equipments and visualization of safety measures.

List of Equipments/ Instruments:-

•Laboratory surround all the personal protective equipments which require for Chemical, Mechanical, Civil and Electrical safety like safety helmets, safety goggles, muffs, ear plugs, aprons, boiler suits, safety shoes, body harness etc… .

•Laboratory includes the visualization charts for better understanding the safety policy and consciousness.

•Laboratory contains various types of Fire Extinguisher to comprehend fire safety.

Types of Facility Provided:-

•Provide information about the hazards you may face on the job

•Identify potential causes of job-related injury or illness

•Explain procedures, equipment, and training that engineer must use to reduce hazards and perform jobs safely

•Safety training specific to your job and the hazards around you

•Protective clothing and equipment

•Material safety data sheets that explain Chemical, Mechanical, Civil and Electrical hazards

•Educational materials, including handbooks, posters, pamphlets, newsletters, videos, and safety memos

•Emergency and first-aid plans

Courses Offered under the laboratory

•A range of courses for mechanical, Electrical , chemical and civil safety categorize for 2 days or 3 days together with mock drills.

•One day program on occupational health and safety awareness program.

•Carry out program to turn out to be a OHSAS Auditor.

•Laboratory also provides entire facility for conduct safety Curriculum under various PMKVY program.

•General safety awareness program.

Name of Co-ordinator:-

Mr. Ashish K. Desai, Asst Prof., Mechanical Engineering Department.

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