Mason Concrete
Affiliated from Skill Council under Construction Sector/AICTE/Gov. of India

Course Name:: Mason Concrete Affiliated from Skill Council under Construction Sector

Mason Concrete
Mason Concrete typically pours smoothes, finishes and colour concrete using a set of specialized techniques and tools.

Brief Job Description
Mason Concrete is liable for placing, levelling and finishing both Reinforced Cement Concrete and Plain Cement Concrete in various structural elements, in situ and recast units, as well as repairing of concrete and caring out flooring.

Role Description
Mason Concrete is specialized for performing routine concreting work in various structural elements, set forms and place finish concrete forms.

Minimum Educational Qualifications

5th Standard pass
NSQF Level: 3

Course Duration
Theory Duration : 80 Hrs.
Practical Duration : 320 Hrs.
Total Duration : 400 Hrs.

Training Outcomes
After completing this programme, participants will be able to
•Gain insight into mason concrete job role and its career progression.
•Carryout flooring Place, level and finish concrete in various structural elements including repair works.
•Work effectively in a team to deliver desired results at the workplace.
•Plan and organize work to meet expected outcomes.
•Work according to personal health, safety and environment protocol at construction site.

This course is free of cost, recurring and non recurring cost will be funded by Gov. of India.

Course Coordinators

Prof. Kalpana P. Patel, Asst. Prof, Civi Engineering Department

Prof. Sharukh M. Marfani, Asst. Prof, Civi Engineering Department


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