Soft Skill/Language

Importance cum Objective of Language

• To know the process of communication and its components

• To improve the language skills: speaking skill, writing skill, reading skill as well as listening skill.

• Construct basic and intermediate skills in English language.

• To enhance phonetic competence, presentation skills, comprehension skills, group discussion skills etc.

• To create new path of literature sensibility and learn life skill through it.

• To build confidence in for communicating in English and create interest for life-long learning of English language.

• The students shall learn the ability to understand the proper idea how to communicate at the industry level.

• The students shall learn how to approach with the business tycoons at organizational level.

• The students shall learn how to crack the interview with their communicative approach.

• The students are able to give concrete result as far as communication skill is concerned.

Courses offered by us

• Communicative English

-Writing skill

-Listening skill

-Speaking skill

-Reading skil

 • Life and Soft Skills

-Body Language skill

-Goal setting skill

-Group discussion skill

-Interview skill

-Positive attitude skill

-Presentation skill

-Motivation skill

-Innovative Thinking skill

-Personality Development skill

-Leadership skill


• Computer based console with computer, UPS & necessary wiring, etc

• 36 to 40 Chairs

LCD Screen

• Wireless Headphones

• ACs of 1.50 Ton capacity

• Curtains which covers the window pane

• White board marker and eraser

Name of Co-ordinator

Ms. Trupti.D.Desai, Asst Prof. ,Science & Humanities Department

Mr. Kalpesh.R.Gavit, Asst Prof. ,Science & Humanities Department


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