Waste Water Treatment
Affiliated from Skill Council for Green Jobs/AICTE/Gov. of India

Course Name:: Waste Water Treatment Affiliated from Skill Council for Green Jobs/ AICTE/ Gov. Of India

Wastewater Treatment Plant Technician specializes in operation & maintenance of Industrial and Housing Societies Wastewater Treatment Plant. This makes the individual to concentrate on the job at hand and complete it without any accidents

12thPass, 10th pass + ITI / Diploma, 8th Pass + 4years’ experience as Waste water Treatment Plant Helper.

Course Outcome
•Operate the Wastewater Treatment Plant
•Monitor and Maintain Wastewater Treatment Plant.
•Explain the concepts of advanced treatment, disinfection and effluent storage
•Differentiate between the uses of various treatment plants including ETP, STP and CETP.
•Work Safety at Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Course Content
•Waste water Treatment Plant Industry
•Waste water Treatment process
•Monitoring & Maintenance of Waste water Treatment Plant
•Operate Waste water Treatment Plant
•Work safety at Waste water Treatment Plant

Laboratory Details
Weighing balance, pH mater, TDS meter, Turbidity meter, BOD Incubator, COD digester, Colony counter, Aerators, Desiccators, Hot air oven, Hot plate, Water distillation unit, Double beam spectrophotometer, Kjeldhal distillation Assembly,Phenol distillation unit, Water shaking bath, Magnetic stirrer, Titration set up, Refrigerator, Muffle furnace, Flame photometer, Atomic absorption spectrophotometer.

Course Certification
‘Waste water Treatment Plant Technician’ QP No. ‘SGJ/Q 6601 NSQF Level 4’

Course Duration
Theory Hours: 36:00 HRS
Practical Hours: 64:00 HRS

Course Fee
This course is free of cost, recurring and non recurring cost will be funded by Gov. of India.

Job Opportunities
•Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and Common Effluent Treatment Plant(CETP)
•Sewage Treatment plant in Municipal Corporation
•Health, Safety and Environmental department in various industries

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