Title of Webinar Name of Expert Expert Profile Key Points Date Time Faculty
Youtube Link
1 Mobile Applications using Flutter Mr. Z. I. Kazi CEO, MD, Siliconbrix Systems Pvt. Ltd., Bardoli −Why Flutter,
−Set up an Environment,
−Handson for Flutter Application
13-05-2020 3 to 4 Mrs. D. R. Chaudhari
2 Introduction to Cyber Security and Cyber Attacks Mr. Jatin Patel Assistant Professor,
Rakshashakti University, Ahmedabad
−Why Cyber Security,
−Category of Cyber crime,
−Cyber Threats,
−How to protect Virtual Data,
−Top Reasons-
−Why Cyber security has bright future
14-05-2020 11 to 12 Miss B. G. Patel
3 Importance of Developer Students Communities
in Computer Engineering
Team of “Developer Student Club(DSC)” ,
Computer Sci. & Engg. Dept, RNGPIT, Bardoli
Students are the core team members of
DSC club of Computer Science & Engineering
Department, RNGPIT which comes under the
banner of Google.
−What is Developer Student Club (DSC)
−What Tech We are using?
−Where is Technology Heading?
−What are the desired skills?
−Panel Discussion
15-05-2020 3 to 4 Mr. H. J. Shah
4 Azure DevOps Mr. Rajat Pugaliya Azure DevOps Engineer,
−What is Azure DevOps?
−Azure Pipelines-Build, Test and Deploy
−Demo- Azure DevOps
16-05-2020 11 to 12 Mr. A. D. Prajapati
5 AI for Everyone Mr. Karan P. Bhatt Coordinator, B.Voc (Software Development), RNGPIT −What is AI?
−Scope of AI
−AI and Mechanical Engineering
−AI and Electrical Engineering
16-05-2020 3 to 4 Mr. Karan P. Bhatt
6 Java with IDE (Integrated Development Environment) Mr. Sahil R. Rana BNP Paribas, Mumbai, Senior Software Engineer −What is Java?
−Developing Java Environment
−Demo- Java Application
16-05-2020 5 to 6 Ms. H. H. Shah
7 Case Studies on Challenges faced in IT Projects & its Solutions a DevOps Engineer & IoT Developer Major Problem in IT Projects
– Group Selection
– No Clarity
– Ideal Proposal
– Communication Gap
– Risk Management
17-05-2020 1 to 2 Mr. N. V. Jagtap
8 Career Opportunities in Computer Engineering Mr. Parth Ghadhiya Founder & CEO of MEMIGHTY, Surat −Present Scenario of Computer Field
−Future and Career Opportunities
18-05-2020 3 to 4 Dr. M. B. Desai
9 JDBC in java Mr. Sumit S. Thakkar Professional Java, Android, Python Trainer at
Govardhan Institute
−What is Java
−What is Database
−Why need Programming Language
−Demo- JDBC Application
23-05-2020 1 to 2 Mr. K. K. Prajajapati
10 Low-cost AWS Cloud Services to start your
Application Development
Mr. Dhaval Nagar CEO of APPGAMBIT. −EC2 Spot
−API Gateway
23-05-2020 3 to 4 Mr. V. C. Joshi
11 Role of Cyber security Experts for Law Enforcement Agency and
Social Media Security
Mr. Deepak Upadhyay Cyber crime Investigator ,Assistant Professor , GTU −Are you ready to save India from Cyber Attacks
−LEA Organizations in India
−Cyber Volunteer, Warrior and Guru
−Social Media Report Format
−Internship and Jobs in LEA
23-05-2020 5 to 6 Mr. D. J. Rana
12 IoT and Big Data Analytics Dr. Chintan Bhatt Assistant Professor,
– IoT Basics
– Types of interaction in IoT
– IoT ang big data analytics
– IoT applications
– Smart City
24-05-2020 1 to 2 Miss B. R. Bhatt
13 Machine Learning with Python Mr. Nihar Sukhadia AI practitioner, Microsoft Technology Associates (MTA)- Python – What is Machine Learning
– Why use Machine Learning
– How Machine Learning Works?
– Machine Learning Workflow
– Types of Machine Learning
– Advantages using Python
25-05-2020 1 to 2 Mr. Karan P. Bhatt
14 Blockchain Technology: Introduction,
Use Cases and Career Opportunities
Mr. Purvishkumar Patel Founder and CEO, Maruti 3PL Pvt. Ltd.
(A Startup Recognized by Govt of India under the Startup India Scheme)
-Concept of Blockchain
-Working of Blockchain
-Use cases
-Career Opportunities
26-05-2020 3 to 4 Miss H. H Shah
15 Career Path in AI Mr. Arjun Kava Co-Founder and CTO,
Zujo Tech Pvt Ltd.
-A brief intro to AI
– Is AI it the right career choice for you?
– What is AI and Applied AI
– Case studies of AI and Applied AI
– Future Work of AI
– The current state of AI
26-05-2020 5 to 6 Dr. M. B. Desai
16 Blockchain: Architecture and Smart Contact through Solidity Dr. Bela Shrimali Assistant Professor,
LDRP, Ahmedabad
-Evolution of Blockchain Technology
-Ethereum Network
28-05-2020 3 to 4 Miss B. R. Bhatt
17 Project Management in IT Companies Mr. Sandeep Shah Strategic Development Manager,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Dallas,Texas,USA
-Why Project Management,
-Proble Solving,
-Tools for Project Management
28-05-2020 5 to 6 Mr. H. J. Shah
18 Innovative Project Development Mr. Jai Desai Co-Founder at BosLeo Technology Private Limited, Valsad, Gujarat -How to Innovate?,
-Technologies for choosing Projects
31-05-2020 3 to 4 Mr. N. V. Jagtap
19 Multimedia Security Dr. Ravi Sheth Assistant Professor,
School of Information Technology & Cyber Security (SITCS),
Raksha Shakti University ,
-What is Multimedia?
-What is Multimedia Security
-Multimedia Security Techniques
03-06-2020 3 to 4 Mrs. D. R. Chaudhari
20 Blockchain: Road-Map for Application Development Mr. Martin Parmar Assistant Professor,
U & P U. Patel Department of Computer Engineering,
-Installing Geth
04-06-2020 3 to 4 Mr. V. C. Joshi
21 Business Intelligence Mr. Vishal Shah Vice President at Citicorp Service India Pvt. Ltd., Pune -What is BI?
-Why it is important
06-06-2020 3 to 4 Mr. N. Y. Kansara
22 Opportunities in sales for Engineers Mr. Brijesh Waghela Key Account Manager, Enterprise Business for Reliance Communications Ltd. -Management Studies
-Different Learning Opportunities
A perspective for growth beyond technical
job profile
07-06-2020 1 to 2 Mr. N. Y. Kansara
23 Game Development Mr. Brijesh Patil Sr. Technical Trainer
Tops Technologies, Surat
What is Game?
-How to create Game?
Game Scene Components
09-06-2020 5 to 6 Mr. K. K. Prajajapati
24 Complete Solutions for Web Development: PHP and Database Management Mr. Abhijit Rakshit Senior Application Engineer, IT Head
SOPAN Institute of Engineering & Design, Surat
-Basic Structure of Web Development
10-06-2020 3 to 4 Mr. H. J. Shah
25 Software Testing Mr. Pratik Pandya
Mr.Brijesh Mistry
Team Leader, Casepoint Pvt Ltd., Surat
Sr. Software Tester, Casepoint Pvt Ltd., Surat
-What is Software Testing?
-Software Testing as a career
-Software Testing Domain
14-06-2020 5 to 6 Mr. N. V. Jagtap
26 Mobile and Optical Fiber Communication Ms. Tithi Vyas Assistant Professor,
Rakshashakti University, Ahmedabad
-Concept of Modulation
-Mobile Communication
-Frequency Reuse
-Generations of Mobile Phones
-Optical Fiber Link
18-06-2020 1 to 2 Miss B. G. Patel
27 Best Practices of Cyber Security (Two Days Workshop) 1. Mr. Kuldip Patel ( Final Year)

2. Mr. Aadil Shaikh ( Final Year)

3. Mr. Shivam Patel ( Pre Final Year)

4. Mr. Deep Gandhi( Pre Final Year)

Students of CSE Department -Introduction to Cyber Security
-Important Tools for Cyber Security
-Introduction to Burp Suite
-DVWA Tool
11 to 1 Mr. H. J. Shah
28 Six Days STTP on “Practical Approach for Data Science” Mr. Arjun Kava
Mr. Vishal Virani
Ms. Mansi Lakhani,
Mr. Mayur Domadiya
Mr. Kishan Radadiya
Zujo Tech. Pvt. Ltd. • Introduction to Fundamentals of Deep Learning
and Linear Algebra
• How to read and Understand a Research Paper in
Data Science
• Practical Approach: Tensor flow
• Practical Approach: Data Pipeline and Model
• Practical Approach: Deploy model in Production
• Case studies of Zujo in AI
22-06-2020 to
3 to 4:30 PM Dr. Madhavi B. Desai, Head, CSE & B.Voc. (SD)
Ms. Bhavini R. Bhatt, Asst. Prof., CS&E
Mrs. Dharmishtha R. Chaudhari, Asst. Prof., CS&E
Mr. Narendra V. Jagtap, Asst. Prof., CS&E
Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:

Day 4:
Day 5:
Day 6:
29 Building Machine Learning Applications Dr. Mahesh Goyani Assistant Professor,
Govt. Engineering College, Modasa
— WhyWhy Machine Learning is Needed?
— WhatWhat you need as ML Engineer?
— SettingSetting up for ML Application
— ImplementingImplementing Face Recognition System
29-06-2020 1 to 2 Miss B. R. Bhatt
30 Importance of Professional Ethics in Professional Life Dr. Roshni Rawal, ssociate Professor, SAL Education Campus
Author of Book “Professional Ethics” by Mahajan Publication.
-Introduction to Professional Ethics
– Good Vs Bad
– Techniques
– Purpose of Ethics
30-06-2020 2 to 3 Mr. V. C. Joshi
31 Next Generation Network: Software Defined Networking Dr. Jitendra Bhatia Assistant Professor,
Vishwakarma Government Engineering College, Chandkheda-Ahmedabad
-Traditional Networks and it’s limitations
– Next Generation Networks Software
– Defined Networking and open ended issues
30-06-2020 4 to 5 Mrs. D. R. Chaudhari